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Unable to Login on POS

Posted on 10 March 2021 03:26 pm


First, determine the error message displayed on POS.


Invalid username/password

1. Ensure to use the correct login credentials.

2. Check if the Capslock and Numlock keys are on.

In event you forgot your password, go to ninetails local to reset your password.



Please cutoff the previous cashier shift/session

If you run into this error message, a cashier is currently logged on on your POS machine.

1. Perform XRead or cut-off of the cashier logged on.



Unable to re-login user with previous transactions

If this is the error message displayed, this means that the user you are trying to login has been already used or the POS Machine has not yet performed ZRead or End-of-Day Sales.

1. Perform ZRead.



If the the POS was stucked on loading screen:

  1. Check if you can access https://posclient.local. The window must be display BOSS POS as shown below:
















2. Check if you can access ninetails local.

Go to your web browser.

Type the url of ninetails. (example: storename.ninetails.local/login)

Login your credentials.


If both links are inaccessible, kindly submit a ticket.