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How to Submit a Ticket?

Posted on 21 June 2022 01:22 pm

Before sending a ticket, kindly check our knowledgebase that might answer your questions right away.

To see the list of FAQs on our knowledge base, go here:

If your concern is not listed on the knowledge base, then submit a ticket.


To submit a ticket, do the following:

1. Click Submit Ticket.

2. Select the appropriate department based on your request/concern. Then click Next.

3. Fill up the General Information section.

4. In Message section:

    1. Write a Subject that provides more context and explains what is needed.
      • Poor Subject Line: Variance are not the same
      • Better Subject Line: Variance on Ninetails vs. XRead Report is different
    2. On Message's body, always tell us the:
      • For Ordering
        • number of orders
        • description of orders
        • delivery address
        • name of recipient
        • contact number of recipient
      • For Technical Support
        • transaction done before the incident happened
        • time your issue first occured
        • what troubleshooting steps you've taken (if any)
        • a screenshot or video of the incident/issue
      • For Feature request:
        • feature requesting, how it must work
        • date needed
      • For Permit to Use:
      • For creation, deletion and update of email:
        • company
        • username
    3. Use Attachments section to upload the photos, videos or files that supports your concern/request.

5. Click Submit.


A confirmation message will be displayed as soon as you submit the ticket. Details of your ticket will be shown like the one below.


To track the status of your request, you may check your email or login on our HelpDesk Support.

Do not know how to login to HelpDesk Support?

Go here: